Indicação BR: Screams & Pain


Nascida na cidade de Barroso/MG, no ano presente, a banda de Heavy Metal, Screams & Pain, lançou seu primeiro single, “Screams For My Name”, em formato de videoclipe. Seu primeiro registro, que provavelmente será um EP homônimo, será disponibilizado em breve.

O projeto conta com membros de outra banda de Heavy Metal, Apple Sin.

Conheça a sonoridade do trio de Minas, clicando no link abaixo:

Divulgação / SCREAMS & PAIN

Letra “Screams For My Name”

Stray from the path
And be slaughtered, you rat
There’s a very watchful eye looming over you
Insects to be crushed under the palm
Of undisputed royalty
This disparity

Hail to the heiress, to the crown!
Our guiding lady never faults
Child of the emperor’s holy ilk
Unlike our mud-stained silk

Filthy peasant posing as a noble
How dare you smear the Cathedral
With your stench?!
I do believe the gods
No longer bless these walls
Your prosecution must be swift

Killing all you see
Ravaging divine rocks
Knowing the gods… Gave it to us
Stop speaking nonsense
You do it for yourself
Your actions will lead us to our doom

Our holy liege, thy majesty unscathed
Hiding faces beneath gilded masks
Pour your grace on our pleading hearts
Warm under wings of thy saints
Most gracious over the high walls
The angels of heaven chant thy name
(Realize these skies are mine!)

Shoved to the edges of the realm
Accept my banner and be redeemed
Our burning rage will bring forth Hell
Lest pay the ultimate price!
(Your reign will fall!)

Hail to the heiress, to the crown
Our guiding lady never faults
Unseen in the depths of the keep!
Though lady above all sees

The lordship is not achieved with pleasantries
Far beyond the Sea of Stars you’ll trek
(Please take us Back!)
Take the gold, take the slaves
Crush their unholy imagery
Slaughter every Drow in your path

Thy majesty drunk with wine!

Hail to the heiress, to the crown
Our guiding lady never faults
Hold thy blasphemer tongue
Gather your shame and begone

Spirit to appease a weighting mind
So dark and tiresome eve ‘tis being
Thy majesty drunk with my brethren blood
Torpor to carry a soul along

Our Holy Liege, thy tarnished majesty
Now cower beneath your jeweled pet
Damn the day in which I bled for you
I write thy name on my family’s grave

Ever turning and ever twirling
Twitching and churning for…
Calm as a river of Elf blood
Flooding my bloating heart
Quelling my humanity
When time comes pray to your liege
Who’s going to stand for you
Our messiah lady ‘tis sure!
When the devils cross the sea?

I am the one bathed by the gods
In holy golden grace
Thou spurned lingers by my feet
I will have thy eyes as jewels for my princess

(Oh, our Gracious Lord)
Our bringer of tragedy
(Never have I ever put doubt upon thee)
Never would I ever forgive thy lowly kind


  • Beto Carlos (guitarra)
  • Patric Belchior (vocal)
  • Tigans (baixo)

Indicação: Cristiano “Big Head” Ruiz




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